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Yes, they really do 'shoot fish in a barrel'

Just read your RSA expert's article on garda speed checks.


While no doubt factually correct, it misses the point. The headline phrase used ('Why gardai are not shooting fish in a barrel') comes from the great majority of normal, good drivers pulled for speeding where the speed limit is ridiculously low and the police lie hidden in wait – behind the bridge beyond the dip in the lane outside UCD. The phrase does not emanate from the loopers careering round at speeds well over the limit.

The sooner we get limits set at reasonable levels the better. Some need to be raised, some lowered.

As long as we have similar-type roads with widely varying limits, the phrase will live on, particularly when the high volume/too low speed limit areas are heavily policed.

Joe, Dublin



Last Friday morning, on my way to work, a car broke down in front of me on the South Circular Road. I waited two to three minutes but after winding down the window I could hear the engine struggling to turn over.

I hopped out and offered to push the car into a side street.

The driver (young female) didn't wind down her window but acknowledged in a grumpy manner that yes she would need to be pushed off the road. My wife jumped into the driver's seat of our car to let the rest of the traffic pass . . . none of whom offered to assist.

I pushed it on my own, a Toyota Corolla, and got it into a parking space. I asked if she wanted a phone or help with getting someone when she opened the door and then slammed it again as quick and ignored me. She turned her head away and that was that.

My wife has told the story to several of her female friends who all agree, is it no wonder there are so many stranded cars on the roads and motorways if that is the reception you get.

I didn't want a thank you but, needless to say, I have had several thoughts over the last few days . . . including stopping to help the next stranded car but instead telling them my story and then driving off.

Niall Sargent

Indo Motoring