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Monday 17 December 2018

With three teens, I need a car that's bigger and roomier

SEAT Ateca
SEAT Ateca
Peugeot 3008 GT

FIRST off this week, apologies for not getting to all your queries online. It was just impossible — and a shocking flu didn’t help. Please feel free to re-send the ones we missed.

As a married woman I have driven family saloons all my life. Now with three teens I need something bigger and roomier. I fancy one of those SUVs I keep reading about. My husband has his own company saloon. We have a €30,000 budget. My current car is going to a family friend for a nominal amount. What would you recommend? Love your column every Wednesday.

Aidan: The world is your oyster. I have a soft spot for the new SEAT Ateca. It gives some well-established brands a good run for their money. New ones are out of the question unless you consider doing some sort of a finance deal instead. SEAT has the weight of VW Bank behind it so they can loan money cheaply. Apart from being a good product, the access to cheap credit is a good reason to consider it. I was impressed with Peugeot’s new 3008 SUV. What an interior. The instrument cluster is upmarket and the materials are high quality. Decent rear leg room and a good boot make it a strong contender as your next family car. Also, you don’t provide your mileage but if you need a petrol SUV then the 3008’s 1.2-litre Pure Tech petrol engine is a delight. Loads of pep and decent fuel consumption. A new one in Allure trim will stretch your budget ever so slightly but it will be worth it. Don’t overlook the Kia Sportage. Top-class motor with excellent trim levels and loads of warranty.

Eddie: So many to choose from. I think the 3008 SUV is for you but I also really like the Toyota C-HR too, though it doesn’t feel as roomy – but it looks stunning.

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