Tuesday 21 November 2017

Why many women feel cars are not designed for them

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Eddie cunningham

Women are ignored when it comes to making cars that really suit them. No, this is not me currying favour with females. It is the blunt conclusion of someone involved at senior level in making cars.

Dr Andy Palmer is executive vice-president of Nissan.

See if you agree with him and please let me know what your complaints are (see email/Twitter below).

He says carmakers should design vehicles suitable for such items as prams, high heels, short skirts, back support and longer finger nails.

In his scathing assessment, he says many manufacturers fail to make cars that appeal to females.

He says they pay more attention to horsepower than legroom for someone in high heels.

Dr Palmer cited research which showed 50pc of women are not happy with their cars and 75pc feel 'misunderstood'. The solution?

More female engineers – China has proportionately far more of them than Europe and poses a threat to existing carmakers on that front.

Dr Palmer spent his early years in the UK car industry.

He now lives and works in Japan. But he is blunt in saying: "Our industry is failing the largest and most influential customer segment in the world."

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?

What would be your main complaint about your car?

Let me know at:

Email: ecunningham@independent.ie

Twitter: @ecunninghamcars

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