Wednesday 24 January 2018

Why it doesn't 'suit' anyone to drink and drive

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Eddie Cunningham dons the suit for the driving test
Eddie Cunningham dons the suit for the driving test

We've had a lot of comment and communication on last week's piece where Eddie Cunningham donned a 'drink-drive suit'. Here are a few:


I enjoyed your piece last week on how you got on in the drink-drive suit but I wonder if the effects of alcohol can be replicated scientifically by blurring your vision and adding weights to your arms and legs.

I know for you it was a strange experience but it didn't, and couldn't, take your height, weight etc into account.

For all that, a worthwhile exercise and an enjoyable article.

Celine, Dublin


I gather from the pictures, and video on your website, that you were in a reserved, confined area when you were driving with your 'drink suit' because it would have been extremely dangerous to drive on a public road in that 'condition'.

Larry, Cork

(Eddie: yes it was a reserved no-traffic area).


How many pints was the drink-suit supposed to mimic? You didn't say.

The problem with experiments like that, and don't get me wrong, Eddie, I think it was a really good thing to do, is that they are not precise enough.

(Name with Eddie)

(Reply: They weren't specific. I asked. They said "a good few" pints.)


Did you not feel a bit foolish being dressed up like that so Ford could get publicity out of it?

Dan, Offaly

(Eddie: No)

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