Monday 16 December 2019

Why do some drivers seem compelled to dangerously overtake buses?

Tell Eddie

I am a reader of your column and wondered if you had noticed the dangerous compulsion some drivers have to overtake a bus as it stops, regardless of what is ahead. In urban areas there are entrances, side-roads, pedestrian crossings and many other hazards that drivers blindly ignore as they shoot past.

There are several schools in my area, yet every time a bus stops a stream of traffic moves on to the wrong side of the road even if they are beside a school or if there is a car pulling out of a side-road.

Mostly they cannot see what is in front of the bus but move out anyway.

Often when someone waits patiently behind the bus, they get blasted by horns for daring to delay these important drivers for a few seconds.

I enjoy your column, and your tales of 'My side of the Road' are reminders of the ridiculous actions of some road users who unfortunately seem to escape detection or punishment.

Hopefully, voices such as yours will be listened to by some readers who may recognise their own behaviour and amend their ways before someone gets hurt.

Keep up the good work.

(Name with Motoring Editor)

Indo Motoring

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