Tuesday 20 March 2018

What sort of MPG are you getting from your car?

We want to hear if you're happy or disappointed

Getting the most from your car?
Getting the most from your car?
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

EVERYBODY is talking about it. All of a sudden fuel consumption has become a hot topic. I have no choice but to return to it this week such has been the overwhelming response to last week's Talking Point.

As one would expect there are stories of huge gaps between what automakers claim and what drivers are getting.

But it is not all negative as you will see.

It would be great if you'd tell us how your car does on MPG – I know there are cars out there doing phenomenal distances on a tank of fuel. I also know there are cars 'robbing' their owners. Let me know. Is your car the meanest on fuel or on your pocket?

Here are a couple of experiences to start us off:

John Hunt told us: "I have been monitoring mpg figures for years and I never encountered a car that performed to that stated in the publicity brochure – that is until last week.

"Last year my wife bought a new Mitsubishi Spacestar one litre petrol (as recommended by you, Eddie). It certainly does not live up to the mpg as quoted by Mitsubishi.

"Three weeks ago I took delivery of a new Honda Civic Executive 1.6 diesel. Honda claim a combined 78.5 mpg. Last Saturday I drove from Clare to a wedding in Roscommon. I set cruise control at the appropriate speed limit for the journey – 120/100/80. Eco mode was selected. By the time I reached Roscommon I had a return of 75mpg. This was no way a scientific test – I relied on the readout from the on-board computer. At a later date I will fill to the brim – drive and refill."

Marc Sutton: "I read with interest (as I always do) your article about consumption rates. Last October I picked up my first new car, a Skoda Superb 2.0Tdi, DSG, Combi, 140bhp. I have done 30,000km (company car, on the road) and the average fuel according to the on-board computer is 6.4L/100km, which is way off the manufacturer guide of 5.2L/100km. I do mostly motorway travelling."

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