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VW tee off their Golf hybrid plug-in


The plug-in hybrid Golf

The plug-in hybrid Golf

The plug-in hybrid Golf

NOW you can have a plug-in hybrid Golf.

Volkswagen will show this GTE version next week at Geneva.

They say it can be driven on electricity alone for up to 50km and as far as 939km in hybrid mode. Overall, consumption is a claimed 1.5 l/100km (35g/km) from the 204bhp GTE.

Powering it is a 150bhp turbo direct fuel injection 1.4-litre TSI and a 102bhp electric motor.

It sounds lively – with full power on it sprints to 100kmh in 7.6 secs.

It takes three-and-a-half hours to charge the battery at home but an hour less at a public charging station.

It has a hi-res 6.5ins display which gives you access to radio, sat nav, a "driving range monitor", "energy flow display", "zero emission statistics" etc.

GTE owners will be able to download 'Car-Net e-Remote" app to their smartphone for free to control functions and access information.

First deliveries are expected in autumn 2014 worldwide but probably a bit later for Ireland.

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