Friday 23 February 2018

VW Golf all things to all people -- even property tycoons

THE news that developer Bernard McNamara is now driving a VW Golf rather than a top-of-the-range Mercedes prompted a correspondent to give him some advice::

Dear Bernard,I see you've taken to driving a Golf. Sound decision -- and let's face it, that's not a phrase that immediately springs to mind when discussing Irish property developers.

I see you've got an '08 model. That comes with air- con as standard -- not like my own '06 version -- so if things get hot and heavy you'll be able to cool off. But the greatest benefit a Volkswagen offers to a man like yourself may be its anonymity. Like so many things German, the clue is in the name -- people's car.

Grannies drive them, students drive them, even bewildered middle-aged newspaper hacks drive them.

And now it seems we've been joined by financially distressed plutocrats. After all, wasn't Sean FitzPatrick picked up in a Volkswagen when he left Bray garda station?

In fact, it could be said the Golf is the perfect car for these straitened times.

If anything, its main drawback is that it's just too damn reliable.

As a notorious skinflint, I change the car only when it's beginning to cause problems.

But the Golf just keeps rolling along, as inexorable as a Panzer division -- oh, sorry, I slipped into Clarkson mode there for a moment.

Maybe that will provide some consolation if you're missing the Merc and the helicopter.

Yours truly,

John Chambers

Sunday Independent

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