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Volvo teases with new estate

VOLVO has shown a teaser of its Concept Estate design which will be shown in full at Geneva next week.

There is no point in showing it to you because you can see little. Which seems to me to be a silly way of going on.

Why not show the full car like most other manufacturers do?

Anyway, this is the last of three concepts to show off the marque's new chassis and the styling of the next estate cars, including the V70 replacement in 2015.

This 'teaser' will, however, be displayed as a 3dr in Geneva.


IT is great to see that plans to create extra jobs at Audi Athlone by the end of the year coincide with the opening of the new €4.45m state-of-the-art showroom.

On the old Dublin Road, the outlet also has as many as 60 used vehicles on display outside and 100 car park spaces.

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