Thursday 22 March 2018

Volvo hybrid sparks a lot of interest

IT'S a good omen for Volvo that demand for its initial limited production run of its first plug-in diesel-electric hybrid in the V60 has been running high.

That is despite the fact the model is not being rolled out until next year.

As buyers in substantial numbers have come out for the initial 1,000-car production run the Swedish firm now plans to increase that to as many as 6,000 cars from 2014.

Specifics on the technicals of the plug-in hybrid have yet to be revealed but Volvo claims up to 50km from the 11.2kw lithium ion battery alone. It is generally accepted that the diesel engine is an existing powerplant.

In addition to the new battery, Volvo's V60 hybrid has 300 extra parts more than their standard V60. That includes the battery cooling system, high-voltage cables etc.

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