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Volvo drives home green ‘street cred’ with new models


VOLVO this week put on a big ‘drive’ to make the point that it has some of greenest cars on the road.

So much so, it claims it is the first manufacturer of ‘premium’ cars to have three cars with conventional engines emitting below 100g/km.

They are the S40 DRIVe and V50 DRIVe which now line up with the C30 DRIVe in producing 99g/km. In other words, all three incur €104 a year road tax and 14pc VRT.

Helping to make that possible is the revamped 1.6-litre diesel engine. It doesn’t end there.

Volvo will soon have seven models (C30, S40, V50, S60, V60, V70 and S80) below 120g/km.

Among the elements critical in getting your fuel consumption down are reduced air resistance and chassis height.

Also critical are gearboxes with longer ratios for six-speed transmissions.

Ex-works prices start from €24,995 for the C30, €26,134 for the S40 and €27,984 for the V50 in ES specification.

Looking to the future, Volvo has a V70 with plug-in hybrid technology on the way as well as a C30 DRIVe Electric.

A V60 plug-in hybrid diesel is due in 2012.