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Video: A full size truck jumps an Lotus F1 car and breaks a world record

Have you ever seen a 40 foot truck jump over a car? This is a stunt not to be tried at home unless you are dealing with models because this is timing like you've never seen before

The Lotus F1 team and EMC creative talent decided to break a world record by ramping their own big-rig over the top of their very expensive F1 racing car and it worked. It looks like CGI from the latest Bond movie but it's actually very real, so real that it's now the longest jump ever performed by a truck of its size standing at a massive 83 feet and seven inches.

The project was conceived by David Lawless and produced completely in-house by EMC creative talent and as technical partners of Lotus F1 Team approached them about collaborating on a Guinness World Record breaking stunt..

The drivers, Mike Ryan and Martin Ivanov, are highly experienced stunt drivers in various Bond, Bourne, and Fast and Furious films, so it should be of no surprise that the stunt looks like a movie.

You can see the whole movie and behind the scenes over at the EMC web site here

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