Wednesday 21 March 2018

The blind spot that we can only cover from the back

Driver's don't and can't see everything - including pedestrians.
Driver's don't and can't see everything - including pedestrians.

I DON'T suppose you notice things as much as a driver.

You are looking ahead and to the side all the time. Mirrors help but sitting back here you notice how close people walk to the back corner of a car when they decide to clip across the road – while it is still moving.

I wonder do those people have some sort of death wish? Or do they think drivers can see everything?

They can't.

Well none of the ones I've had the dubious privilege of watching from the back seat. Even when I did get a chance to do a bit of driving the other day (I'm doing more than I used to) I was terrified. There are areas you can't really see.

I heard the boys from Monkstown talking about a 'blind spot'.

For a second, I thought one of their dogs had lost its sight. Raymond – he who knows everything – was telling the others about this latest technology. It is called a 'blind spot warning system'. He loves showing off. I think it is able to detect if something is too close to your flanks – I get that a lot in nightclubs.

Then it flashes a light on the screen or something or beep-beeps to alert you. I don't get that in nightclubs.

The point I'm trying to make here is that drivers don't and can't see everything. I see a lot more from the back seat sometimes because I am free to look around.

Far be it from me to preach, but wouldn't it be great if we backseat drivers could help out a little more?

Or would drivers even listen to us? Would they call us interfering busybodies? Worth a try, especially if it keeps someone from running over a pedestrian's foot as they take a short cut through the blind spot.

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