Thursday 14 December 2017

Thanks for memories, Saab

IN THE Seventies and early Eighties, I owned three Saabs. Two 96 saloons and a 95 estate which had two rear-facing seats that would pull-up from the load area floor so seven people could be carried. I was never prouder or enjoyed cars more than with that trio. They exemplified fun, style, practicality and a real rallying heritage.

When I lived in Yorkshire and Scotland, I was much in demand during the winter to rescue friends and relations, as well as always ensuring that we got to the most isolated watering holes. And at a time I had to cross the Pennines nightly between work in Leeds and home in Manchester, the free-wheel system meant I could coast down one side of an almost deserted M62 and save precious fuel.

The sad news last month that Saab had filed for bankruptcy filled me with gloom. I was awaiting the rebirth of Saab, after its rather lacklustre dumbing-down years with General Motors, which would be harnessing all its passion and expertise to recreate iconic cars. Alas the dream has died but I still have my memories. Saabs were so much part of my younger life that they make me what I am today. Only Subaru has come close in my loyalty. Saabs in their heyday were glorious. Bless them and all their owners.

Campbell Spray

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