Thursday 22 March 2018

Tell Eddie: Why we should consider giving the biggest gift of all


Your article about donating – or not – (Independent Review, November 9) was subtle and so true.

And it could not have come at a more apt time of year – Christmas, the time of giving.

In November 2011, a friend of mine received the priceless gift of a kidney transplant. Since that day his life has been transformed and he is living every day to the fullest.

It is one of the most personal choices anyone has to make while on this Earth.

If the idea has already come to anyone's mind then I urge them not to delay making it known.

We are all connected. Let that continue in life and in our passing.

Name with Eddie


This is something I have thought about and really we all should have a donor card.



Your article about having a donor card really made me think. As you say, it is something we don't really think about that much – maybe because we just don't want to. Now you have us thinking, keep it up. We need constant prodding and reminding.

Martin, Limerick


I am upset after reading your article (Independent Review, November 9). I don't want to read about things like that in my paper.

I am not being ungracious but that is how I feel. I am upset.

Jill, Dublin

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