Tuesday 19 March 2019

Tell Eddie: Why we are a nation of double-standard drivers - and dash cams are a good idea

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Photo posed

It's funny how complaint themes arise. We’ve had several from people on the apparently widespread phenomenon of people randomly damaging other people’s cars.

Here’s a small sample:


Please highlight how mean-spirited and downright sneaky we are as motorists. We think nothing of damaging other people’s property; we just drive away.

Last week I looked on as a woman knocked the stuffing out of another person’s wing mirror.

I was watching but she didn’t see me — initially, at least.

She did a fair amount of damage.

She scanned for witnesses and then clipped it. She saw me at the last minute and kept going.

I only got half her registration number (I left it, rather uselessly, under the wipers of the assaulted car).

What a lousy thing to do. It’s widely prevalent, I believe.

I’ve heard several cases of people discovering damage not just to wing mirrors, but to lights and car body.

These perpetrators are the sort of people who would be baying for blood and for heads to roll if you as much as looked sideways at them.

Patrick, Co Wicklow


I came out to find my Kia Sportage wing mirror smashed.

Whoever hit it knew, for certain, they had inflicted costly damage.

I’m no holier-than-thou but I’d leave my number or try to contact the person if I did something like that.

It’s the least any decent person would do. But there are plenty who could not be bothered. We are a nation of double-standards motorists, that’s for sure.

Rachel, Co Louth


Larger cars and standard parking bays are making it nearly impossible to park at shopping centres now.

I hate shopping, so I stay in the car while my partner does the hard grind. Sitting there I get a close-up of how little regard some people have for others’ property.

They open doors at full tilt and scratch the adjoining car; they bang shopping trolleys against bumpers — and so on.

The irony is that people often come back to their damaged cars and don’t notice because they are so preoccupied with getting the groceries and themselves into the car in the narrow confines.

I’ve learned to check any time I am about to set off or return to the car (we live in a crowded cul-de-sac with small parking slots) and I can tell you the number of minor abrasions is frightening.

Patricia, Dublin


I’ve got a dash cam in my car now. Any so-and-so who does anything to me won’t escape too lightly, I can tell you. Worth the few euro, even as a deterrent.

Noelle, Dublin


I blame you and your ilk for all the big cars that won’t fit in an ordinary parking space. You’re always espousing ‘green’ driving but your Review column for the past number of Saturdays has been about 7-seat SUVs.

Marie, Laois


Bigger cars and smaller spaces are making money for the carmakers because the likes of me has to have a reversing camera now or I’d destroy my own car bumping into bollards and other vehicles.

Mary, Cork


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