Saturday 16 December 2017

Tell Eddie: How will we cut out texting at the wheel?

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Picture posed

Every week readers tell motoring editor Eddie Cunningham about the driving gripes...


It angers me so much when I see these morons on their phones while driving. Please keep up the articles on it. I also wonder should you encourage witnesses to report the offence to the gardai. I know it is certainly a small fraction of offenders who are caught compared with the number of offenders. Keep at it, Eddie.

Sean, Wicklow

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It seems to be a requisite of the species to multitask while driving and I've seen many incidents of such. The main one is being on the phone while manoeuvring out of a junction or carrying out a parking exercise. It's as if they want to be seen to be capable of such an exercise and especially with children in the car.

This is extremely dangerous and risky and the only way to stop it is to have a mechanism in ALL vehicles that will immobilise the use of phones while the engine is turned on. Other than that, this will continue.

Seamus Ward



I totally agree with your observation that we are 'slipping back into our old phone-at-the-wheel habits'.

(Name with Motoring Editor)



Surely there are few practices more stupid than drinking a hot beverage while driving. And these days the manufacturers even provide receptacles for drinks. There are a number of other practices worthy of mention: smoking, adjusting make-up, eating ice-cream, playing CDs, chastising children who are running amok in the back seat etc.

Some people are really mad.

Most of us see some or all of the above in the course of a journey, but I live in rural Ireland now and the practice that bugs me the most is tailgating, which is far more widespread here than in Dublin.

Is there a case for compulsory re-testing – after, say, 10 years, because I do Wexford-Dublin-Wexford every week or so and sometimes I have to stop to calm down.

Dick Hanly

Indo Motoring

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