Saturday 19 January 2019

Taxi driver celebrates 1 million kilometres ... or 25 times around the world

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James Foley with his Ford Transit Connect
James Foley with his Ford Transit Connect
James Fole's Ford Tranist Connect shows 999999km on the odometer
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

JAMES Foley is saying ‘thanks a million’ to his hard-working taxi.

No wonder.

It has just put up a million kilometres.

And, with his trusty Ford Tourneo Connect motor still going strong, James, from Leighlinbridge, Co Carlow jokes: “There’s no reason it won’t go for another million.”

So far, he has driven the vehicle the equivalent of:

• 25 times around the world.

James Fole's Ford Tranist Connect shows 999999km on the odometer
James Fole's Ford Tranist Connect shows 999999km on the odometer

• More than two trips to the moon

• 100,000km a year.

• Nearly 9,000km a month.

James bought the 2007-reg seven-seater second-hand in 2008 and the kilometres have been racking up ever since.

Naturally, most of his taxi work has been in the Carlow-Kilkenny area but he does the occasional longer run to Dublin.

The thing is there is nothing unusual about the Tourneo Connect.

The engine, for example, is a standard, straightforward Ford 1.8-litre TDCi turbo diesel.

According to James, it hasn’t given an ounce of trouble over all the years.

He makes no bones about why it has been running so well for so long.

“In my business, regular servicing is an absolute must and I religiously stick to the service schedule – never more than 12,000km between service actions.”

In that respect, he has huge praise for local mechanic Francis Kavanagh, who helps so much in keeping the car in tip-top condition.

James’ rate of mileage means that he has to have the car serviced every six weeks or so.

As you may know, the Tourneo Connect is the passenger version of the Transit Connect van and smaller brother of the famous Transit (a new version of the Transit Connect is due in Irish showrooms in May, by the way).

Ciarán McMahon, chairman and managing director of Ford Ireland, told us: “It just shows what can be achieved when you look after a vehicle’s engine properly.

“I’m sure we will continue to see well-serviced models displaying such impressive mileage milestones.”

However, James faced a unique problem when the car’s odometer reached the 999,999km mark.

The early format digital display on the dash could not cope with the 1,000,000 figure – the newer ones can – so it stuck on 999,999 because the older format did not automatically reset to zero.

How many people ever have the pleasure of having to worry about that sort of detail?

Into the breach stepped main Ford dealer Boland’s of Wexford, to help reset the dials – for free.

It’s back to zero as James goes about his business with a million kilometres under his Tourneo Connect.

Here’s to another 25 trips around the world.

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