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Talking Point: Reckless parking can be just as bad as dangerous driving


Bad parking

Bad parking

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Bad parking

For once this is about cars that are not on the move. It is about cars that are parked – with two wheels up on a path; with their tail-ends stuck out; with their noses stuck out.

You've seen them. They're the ones that choke a street or avenue as the rest of us slow to a crawl and hope to God we don't scrape the sides of our car as we ease through.

I passed through a north-western town recently and there was a car more or less abandoned in the middle of the street. Others had to dodge either side of it.

But you know what? I'm not giving out so much about such instances of thoughtlessness and bad manners.

The ones that really concern me are those who leave their car near a corner, or (frequently) on a bend, a narrow mountain road, the other side of a hump-back bridge. They're the ones that pose more of a risk to other road users than if they were moving.

Sure, we have all had our rushes and emergencies. But there are no excuses for leaving death traps at critical junctures.

It's alright until someone is hurt, maimed or killed because they never expected to encounter a parked vehicle on a corner, or bend or brow of a hill where they could not be seen.

I know we are always told to expect the unexpected when driving, but we are also entitled to expect a little bit of common sense from others.

We talk about speeding and using mobile phones behind the wheel, but I'd put reckless parking on a similar footing.

What do you think? Have you had experience of this phenomenon? Let me know.

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