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talking point eddie cunningham

THOSE who drive with mobile phones are, rightly, targeted for the dangers they pose. But there is hardly ever a mention of the hordes who drive every day, especially in the mornings, sipping from scalding cups of tea or coffee in one hand.

Sure, there are cup holders all over the cabins of cars these days, but you do have to hold the cup to drink from it. And that can represent a major distraction.

So many people now consume coffee and tea on the move – and often in tight snarling traffic – that I think it is inherently dangerous.

Imagine what would happen if they spilled some hot liquid. It nearly happened as I was driving a friend last week. Which is why I feel compelled to highlight it. No, it didn't happen to me but to my passenger friend. The lid on the takeaway cup wasn't on tightly, slipped and splashed hot tea all over.

So I think there should be some sort of health warning put on those cups or on the cardboard 'blankets' we put on them to keep from burning our hands as we carry them.

We shouldn't drink – anything – and drive, but in reality we should do everything we can to reduce the risk of scalding ourselves and possibly causing an accident as a consequence.

What do you think?


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