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Take to the track in a fast car and beat the gym for feel-good factor


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TAKE to the fast track and not the gym if you want to lift your mood.

That’s the conclusion of a study from the sports science lab at Loughborough University, England, and performance car brand Abarth, who carried out an experiment to see which positively impacts a person’s mood more.

Driving an Abarth around a racetrack released feelings of happiness on average 59pc more than a gym workout, it found. Levels of happiness were significantly higher in the driving challenge compared with cardio activity (116pc). However, it was only 4pc higher than a weights session.

We all know about the positive emotional benefits of physical exercise but the psychological impact of track driving isn’t as well documented.

The circuit training mood test also looked at how being a passenger on a hot lap impacted levels of enjoyment.

Seated next to a professional driver was 77pc more enjoyable than a combined gym workout, it found.

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