Wednesday 22 January 2020

Sponsored Feature: Turn over a new LEAF this Spring!

We all know how changeable the Irish weather can be but with Nissan’s latest offer there’s a way to ensure you’ll have a spring in your step regardless of the conditions outside.

For a limited period, Nissan are offering an extra €5,000 off their 100% electric car, the Nissan LEAF. That means you can now drive away in a World Car of The Year for just €25,595.

The 100% electric Nissan LEAF. A car with no oil, no petrol tank, no transmission, no exhaust. A car that charges while you sleep, while you shop, while you work. A car that embraces recycled materials. A car so vastly original, it will change the way we build, drive and think about cars for years to come.

This latest offer adds a further dimension to the value for money the Nissan LEAF represents. Average running costs for the car are coming in at 1 cent per kilometre which is truly remarkable when compared with 8 cent per kilometre for an average diesel car and 10 cent per kilometre for an average petrol car. At these rates anyone covering 20,000 kilometres in a year can expect to save up to €1,800 in the annual running costs for their car.

And the savings don’t just stop there. As the LEAF has no C02 emissions – annual road tax is at the lowest level of €160 and with very few serviceable items on the car, owners can expect to save up to 50% on annual servicing and maintenance costs And it’s not just money you’ll save. The LEAF is a car that runs on 100% electricity, meaning its energy is sourced cheaply and most importantly, ecologically. And that means your doing your bit for the planet also. There is also a free home charging point installation for the first 2,000 electric car owners.

The Leaf is an intelligently designed 5 seater family electric car with regenerative breaking, ultra-smooth aerodynamics and even low energy headlights. In short the LEAF is a technological masterpiece that offers you the most exciting, practical and stylish way to own an electrical vehicle. You can control the recharging and air conditioning from your mobile phone and plan your journey form the web.

LEAF also has a 5 Star Euro NCAP Rating. Oh, and did we mention it’s pretty stylish too and packed with high spec features like a built in Sat-Nav? In short, the Nissan LEAF represents excellent value for money on all fronts and with savings like these anyone in the market for a new car today cannot afford to ignore the 100% Electric Nissan LEAF.

Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself at your local Nissan EV dealer and take the LEAF for a test drive, or visit for more details.

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