Monday 23 April 2018

Skoda named as best car maker

David Millward

Skoda was once the butt of motoring humour, a car with the acceleration of an asthmatic tortoise, which wags said came in only one colour – rust.

But it has confounded its critics and been named as the best car manufacturer in a consumer survey published today.

The accolade awarded to the Czech manufacturer by Which? has completed the reversal in the company’s fortunes since it was taken over by Volkswagen in 1991.

Now Skoda even outshines its not only VW itself, but also the German car maker’s prestige marque, Audi.

It shone not only for value for money, but service and aftercare as well.

The survey, based on the opinion of 64,000 car owners, also contained a crumb of comfort for Toyota after a dismal year in which saw the company’s reputation plummet after the motor industry’s biggest ever recall.

Lexus, Toyota’s luxury arm, took second place in the manufacturers’ league table, even though it too faced a number of recalls.

Its reputation for customer care led to Lexus being rated the best dealership while Toyota itself was still considered as the third most reliable manufacturer.

Meanwhile the Toyta RAV4 was named as the most reliable 4X4.

Once again Japanese manufacturers fared particularly well, with the Honda Accord topping the satisfaction table for the best individual car while its new hybrid, the CR-Z was named the best new sports model.

When it came to reliability, Daihatsu was identified as the best performer in the survey with an 86.8pc satisfaction score. Land Rover came last with 67.5pc.

The most reliable new supermini was the Kia Pacinto, with the Seat Ibiza coming bottom. the Mazda 3 was most reliable medium sized car, with the Nissan Qashqai coming bottom of the table.

When it came to large cars, the Honda Insight, a hybrid, fared best with the Ford Mondeo being named by Which? members as the least reliable.

"Some small cars, particularly Korean and Japanese superminis, run like clockwork. Whereas some bigger cars, which you might expect to be more robust, aren't all they're cracked up to be."

Best Car

1. Skoda

2. Lexus

3. Mazda

Also shortlisted




Which? Reliability Survey.

These are the rankings for manufacturers based on drivers' views on dependability and maintenance.

1. Daihatsu 86.8

2. Honda 85.3

3. Toyota 84.6

4. Mazda 83.7

5. Lexus 83.0

6. Suzuki 82.0

7. Subaru 81.7

8. Hyundai 81.6

9. Mitsubishi 81.2

10. Kia 81.0

11. Mercedes-Benz 80.0

12. Skoda 79.0

13. BMW 78.9

14. Mini 78.6

15. Chevrolet 78.5

16. Ford 78.4

17. Nissan 78.3

18. Porsche 77.8

19. Citroen 77.2

20. Volkswagen 77.2

21. Vauxhall 76.8

22. Volvo 76.8

23. Audi 76.6

24. Jaguar 76.0

25. Smart 75.9

26. Seat 75.7

27. Fiat 75.5

28. Peugeot 75.1

29. Saab 73.8

30. Renault 71.4

31. Jeep 70.5

32. Alfa Romeo 69.1

33. Chrysler 67.7

34. Land Rover 67.5

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