Tuesday 12 December 2017

Serious value to be had in premium market

Shane O'Donoghue Contributing Editor

WELCOME to the motoring supplement! Irish car buyers now have just under three months to avail of the scrappage scheme. Come June 30, it'll be no more. With all the carmakers clamouring for a piece of the Irish new-car pie, there has never been a better time for consumers to buy.

Our end-of-scrappage guide looks at how the scheme works, how successful it has been and what it means to the country in general. It's much more than a means to sell new cars, after all, as it has been credited with job retention and creation.

As indicated by the relatively buoyant new-car sales figures, the government's scrappage scheme has had an unexpected knock-on effect on the sales of high-end and premium cars. After all, nobody buys a brand new BMW 6 Series by trading in a 10-year-old banger.

However, the scheme has meant that it's OK to buy new cars again without the possible retribution of those who cannot.

Hence we've also looked at the latest premium cars on the market and how they stack up.

And even at the high end, there is serious value to be had right now. We've driven the newest luxury cars on the market, and they're more impressive than ever -- not just for the driving experience, but also for their new-found efficiency and value.

After all that seriousness, you'll be glad to hear that we have a bit of fun in store, too, including a look at the art of the film car chase, and a Leaving Cert student who regularly travels as fast as a Bugatti Veyron. Enjoy.

Shane O' Donoghue began a life of cars in his dad's garage, before studying automotive engineering to PhD level. He started the Car Enthusiast Editorial Agency. He is a member of the Irish Motoring Writers Association and co-founder of CompleteCar.ie

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