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'Rubis' is Citroen's jewel in the crown

THIS is what Citroen's luxury SUV would look like. Its Wild Rubis concept car gives the best idea to date of how a Citroen luxury SUV would look.

The French maker released pictures of the Wild Rubis ahead of its debut at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Rubis – French for ruby – means, fittingly enough, that the concept car is in ruby-red paintwork. And it changes hue according to the intensity of light on it.

The concept car is 5cm (470cm) longer than a BMW X3. Significantly, it is wider than a BMW X5 but lower than both. It has a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Afficionados will notice the headlights, rear lights and front grille hark back to the Numero 9 concept car, which was shown at last year's Beijing Motor Show.

The marque is on record for saying Numero 9's styling will influence future DS models.

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