Wednesday 21 March 2018

Recalls fail to shake buyer belief

IT seems hardly a week goes by these days without a car, or cars, being recalled for some fault or other. All the big names have had recalls – Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes.

So have owners, punters and potential buyers turned away and lost faith in them? Absolutely not, it seems.

I remember being told by a BMW executive here some years back that they go to extraordinary rounds to track down every car involved in a recall. The reason is that, in doing so, owners know the marque is showing that if anything goes wrong it will go to the ends of the earth to put it right.

Some carmakers, unused to recalls, may not have realised how important that is. I think they do now.

Anyway, according to internet car-sourcing service, vehicles from recallafflicted brands such BMW, Mercedes and, of course, Toyota still feature in its list of the top 10 most-wanted marques, and 50pc of respondents said they were not deterred by such issues.

From more than 1,500 consumer requests posted on its “find engine”, suggests that loyalty and trust in well-known, established brands remains unshaken.

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