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Peugeot sets wheels in motion with 508 prices


PEUGEOT yesterday announced prices and spec details for its new largefamily motor, the 508, which gets here in April.

Ex-works prices for the 407 replacement start at €24,850.

It comes as a saloon and station wagon (SW) in three trim levels.

Standard equipment includes air con, electric windows, front fogs, ESP, ASR, hill assist and a range of airbags.

Active adds rear parking aid, automatic wipers/headlights, Bluetooth, cruise control, electric child locks, bi-zone climate control.

And Allure adds keyless entry, leather upholstery, front-parking sensors, electric parking brake, and electric/heated front seats.

This has as big a cabin as the executive 607 – in other words much bigger than the 407.

The diesel engine line-up is: a 1.6-litre e-HDi 112bhp (Stop/Start) with an electronically controlled gearbox (€104 road tax).

Then there is the 1.6 HDi (112bhp) manual, 2-litre (140bhp) 6-speed versions (€156 road tax) and the 2- litre (163bhp) 6-speed automatic (€302 road tax).

The anticipated big sellers will be the 1.6-litre Active (112bhp) and the 2- litre HDI (140bhp) Active.

The range will get HYbrid4 technology next year.

This will have a HDi diesel engine at the front and an electric motor at the back. That will give it a 200bhp total power and, of course, four-wheel drive.

Emissions of 99g/km are targeted.

Line-up and prices for three different levels

? Level 1: ACCESS

508 1.6 HDi 112bhp: €24,850

508 1.6 HDi 112bhp Bluetooth: €25,150

508 1.6 eHDi 112bhp Eco: €26,450

? Level 2: ACTIVE

508 1.6 HDi 112bhp: €27,300

508 1.6 eHDi 112bhp Eco: €28,600

508 2.0 HDi 140bhp: €29,100

508 SW 1.6 HDi 112bhp: €26,350

508 SW 2.0 HDi 140bhp: €28,800

? Level 3: ALLURE

508 2.0 HDi 140bhp: €32,550

508 2.0 HDi 163bhp Automatic: €35,150