Friday 15 November 2019

Opel unveils shape of things to come

THIS is a taste of the Monza concept that Opel will show at Frankfurt in September.

It points the way to a new styling for the carmaker.

Much the same size as the Insignia, it is probably going to show what the next one will look like.

Opel says it has 'bundled' all its targets together in the Monza concept. The brand says it is poised to bring in 23 new models and 13 powertrains as part of its Drive 2022 strategy.

For the younger reader, Opel built a Monza coupe between 1978 and 1986. It was the first car to have a digital dashboard display.

Opel is big into its infotainment and says this will break new ground.

Opel chief executive Karl-Thomas Neumann is pictured with the concept.

Irish Independent

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