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One-in-five sellers tells lies to get a sale -- survey

FAR more people buy used cars than new so the latest survey holds a potentially bitter lesson for them.

It found that as many as one-in-five sellers tell lies to sell their car.

Around 10pc are prepared to lie about their vehicle's mileage and 5pc will not tell you about previous accidents. That means you could be buying a dangerous car.

In addition to the survey by trusteddealers.co.uk, the vehicle check company, HPI, revealed that four in every 100 used cars that have been checked by them had already been declared an insurance write-off.

That is serious stuff.

They also disclosed that the mileage on six in every 100 cars has a discrepancy.

We all know that buying a used car, especially from someone you do not know, is a highly risky business. According to HPI these are the four key risks when buying privately:

• A car may look shiny and new, but the paintwork might be hiding something that has been declared an insurance write-off.

• It is clocked (higher mileage than shown on the odometer).

• Has outstanding finance. Quite a high percentage are still subject to an outstanding finance agreement. Buying one of these cars means the finance company can take it back from you.

• It is stolen. You will lose the car and the money you paid for it.

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