Tuesday 12 December 2017

Now you can park your car with iPad

Apple's iPad 2. Photo: Getty Images
Apple's iPad 2. Photo: Getty Images

AMID all the hype about concept cars and new motors, another piece of driverless technology was reprised around last week's Tokyo Motor Show.

Honda showed how a car can park using an iPad-style tablet.

The driver can stand a metre or two away and control the entire manoeuvre from the iPad.

A young woman showed how far the technology has come.

She parked the electric vehicle -- via the iPad, of course -- in a slot that was so tight between other cars that a driver would not normally be able to open the door and get out. A solution for some of Dublin's high-rise parking blocks?

The vehicle has four CCTV cameras as well as a mixture of eight sonar and laser sensors in its body. They all help it detect objects.

Honda also showed how you can drive two cars at the same time.

Using iPads to let the two vehicles 'talk' to each other, one followed closely behind the other.

The day is here, really -- technically, if not legally -- when you can check emails or read a book while at the wheel. The autonomous drive version of Nissan's Leaf was also on display.

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