Monday 19 February 2018

Nissan sticks with €5k discount on Leaf

Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

NISSAN here is to continue with a €5,000 discount for its electric small-family car, the Leaf, as electric car sales lag behind expectations.

The company brought in the discount last April to help promote the car, which created a massive stir when it was first unveiled.

However, consumers have been slow to buy into the idea of an electric car and sales across the board for all marques have been extremely slow.

And Nissan in America is cutting the price of the US Leaf there by 18pc.

Production of a revised Leaf for the Irish and European markets is due to move to Sunderland, England during this year.

Nissan here says that this is likely to mean "considerable efficiencies" and expect a "significant reduction" in the costs of production.

However, these reductions will come too late to benefit anyone who is buying this year.

In response to a query from Independent Motors, the distributors here say that to effectively bridge the gap, they will continue with the promotional offer price until cars made in the UK arrive. The latter refers to cars brought in for the 2014 market.

With the discount, the Leaf costs €25,595 ex-works (the price also includes a €5,000 Government grant).

I understand that Nissan expects the envisaged cost efficiencies to bring down the price of the revised UK-cars by the equivalent of the €5,000 discount.

So the overall price won't be affected this year or next.

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