Monday 11 December 2017

New sporty Kia pro cee’d is a real hot hatch contender

Ian Mallon

Ian Mallon

THE year is 1971 and a group of councillors are sitting around discussing the mad idea of putting a ‘dual carriageway’ (the word motorway was too British at the time) around Dublin.

Everybody is falling about at the mad notion of such a thing.

One councillor looks set to explode in tears and snot as he can no longer contain his laughter, while another is almost sick with giddy hilarity.

The man who brought up the idea lights a cigarette and sits back down, his humiliation complete.

The answer to his earlier private consultation about whether he should bring such a notion to the table now very much apparent.

And so began the longest running comedy in transport, which was back with a brand new series last week thanks to more cack-handed suggestions from the brains trust which now run such matters.


And so more than 40 years after the very idea of the M50 was first mooted, it is still causing much controversy, if not as much hilarity.

This time around the suggestion is to penalise anybody who uses the entire M50 every day to the tune of €6.50 – more than three times its current rate.

The very idea of putting in five different tolling areas on the M50 goes against everything that we stand for here at Herald Motoring.

And the fact that the matter is even on the table without consideration for those who will be out of pocket to the tune of €32.50 a week for using a road designed to get you around Dublin, is perverse.

Sure, Transport Minister Leo Varadkar will say such a thing won’t happen on his watch – sure isn’t the M50 a big part of his constituency.

But it looks like the M50 will be getting more and more toll spots in the future, and if there are no provisions in place for the many people who use the entire road every day, well that would be a travesty.

Just off the M50 at Ballymount sits the HQ of Kia Ireland, a place that is getting more and more exciting with each visit.

This time around I took possession of the Kia pro_cee’d, a lovely looking medium sized car –  a heady mix of hot hatch meets cool coupe.

The pro_cee’d comes in 1.4 and 1.6 litre diesel engines and comes in at just under €23,000.

The car has been transformed into an extremely sporty and pacy looking machine, thanks to a roofline which has been lowered substantially.

When I read about lower rooflines I always fear for my medium sized head, every time I get into any newly height-challenged models.

But this is not an issue with the newly-sized c’eed, which from the inside feels roomy and almost vast for what you are getting.

Apart from having a name that looks like it was created in Silicon Valley, the pro_ceed is a car for the modern ages.

It is sporty, comfortable and performs majestically, giving a greater impression than all of its considerable sum parts.

The people in Kia say it as “a more sophisticated car” and I tend to agree. The new range of Kia cars completely reinforce the stats that Kia is one of only three car brands in the world selling more cars than ever before.

This mix of modernity and class make for some exciting times ahead for Kia and its increasing stable of thoroughbreds.

The Kia pro_cee’d will cost you from €22,900.

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