Friday 15 December 2017

#MyCar2015 - Car quiz: Find your perfect match

Is the VW Passat the car for you?
Is the VW Passat the car for you?
Fiat 500x
Skoda Fabia
Ford Mondeo
Audi A3

When faced with the task of buying a car, you might find yourself spoilt for choice. How are you meant to decide between so many tantalising models and make sure you've found the right motor for you and yours?

You could go with your gut... or you could take our highly scientific* quiz and find out which car is made for you.

1. If somebody was to take a look at your in-car CD collection, what would they find?

A) The Ultimate Driving Songs compilation, and The Best of The Eagles

B) CD? It's 2015, I have my Spotify playlists synced over Bluetooth

C) I prefer to listen to Newstalk and shout at the radio as if it's a person

D) The Frozen soundtrack, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran... my kids, I swear

E) Mark Ronson, Kanye West and Jessie Ware. Oh, and The Beatles anthology.

2. Open your boot. What do you see?

A) Golf clubs and some M&S Bags For Life.

B) A fold up triathlon bike and a wetsuit.

C) Wellies, a toolbox, snow chains, a mucky overcoat, a medicine kit, rain gear...

D) A bucket and spade, some frisbees, football boots, a headless Barbie

E) An umbrella and my gym bag.

3. Choose your dream road trip companions.

A) Jose Mourinho, Robert DeNiro and Kylie Minogue

B) Candice Swanpoel, Chrissy Teigen, Doutzen Kroes and Rihanna

C) Marty Morrissey, George Hook and Nuala Carey

D) Anyone who'll keep the kids quiet.. that nice blonde girl off Countdown seems like she'd be good with children.

E) Emma Stone, Tom Brady and Tommy Tiernan

4. Top Gear invite you to film a special episode with them, anywhere in the world. Where would you choose?

A) The Pacific Coast Highway - sun, sea and quality scenery along the way

B) The Friendship Highway in Tibet - I like to explore the lesser spotted places

C) And what's wrong with our own Wild Atlantic Way?

D) Cherbourg to Bordeaux, via Eurodisney - something for everyone!

E) Route 66 - Take in the vastness and variety of the States

5. Which movie car would you most like to own?

A) The classic Aston Martin DB5 Bond drove in Goldfinger

B) A sexy little customised Audi Spider, like Tony Stark's in Iron Man

C) The GMC Vandura from the A-Team would be a grand motor

D) A really cool old Volkswagen Transporter from the 60s

E) Has to be the Mustang Fastback from the Gone In Sixty Seconds remake

6. What's your attitude to speed limits?

A) I'm a man who sticks to boundaries... most of the time

B) Put it this way - I enjoy motorways

C) The ones in Dublin are ridiculous. 30Km/hr in the city centre?!

D) Safety comes first, so I err on the side of caution

E) Let's just say that I've learned my lesson...

7. You approach a toll both. Your reaction is...

A) I have an automated machine installed, so it's no problem

B) Ah shite! I never carry cash

C) Not much use for tolls, but I always have some coins in my pocket

D) We always have a supply of change in the cup holders

E) Again, I learned my lesson when I got an eFlow bill for €50

8. Which magazines do you subscribe to?

A) Golf Monthly, National Geographic and GQ

B) I have them all on my iPad - Men's Health, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, Nuts, FHM...

C) I'm a newspaper man

D) I don't really have time for magazines, but I'd flick through Empire online

E) Esquire, Details and Stuff

9. You're sitting in a traffic jam. How do you feel?

A) Irritated, but I know I'll get there eventually

B) At least I've Twitter for company

C) I steer clear of rush hour, and would drive out of my way to avoid traffic

D) Red faced if the kids are present, screaming blue murder if they're not

E) Restless and muttering obscenities

10. You can be any man, dead or alive, for one day - who would it be?

A) Paul Newman. Timelessly cool.

B) It would be a toss up between David Beckham and Kanye West.

C) Brendan Gleeson seems like a sound chap.

D) Jamie Oliver has it all together.

E) Chris Pratt is a good lad.

Add them up. How did you fare?

Mostly As

Volkswagen Passat

You're a classic guy that wants an elegant looking car that w0n't cost crazy money. The new Passat is sophisticated and sporty, and has enough funky features (like FrontAssist and LED headlights) to feel cool without being daunting. A luxurious drive that's practical too, you won't go far wrong here.

Mostly Bs

Audi A3

If you're not a millennial in age exactly, you're one in mentality. Always on, you live your life as much online as you do in the real world. You want a sexy, speedy city car with lots of extra features and a super slick appearance. Step right up the A3, with its multimedia interface and TFSI engine, it will tick every box.

Mostly Cs

Ford Mondeo Estate

You're the kind of man who wants a practical, reliable car to get from A to B with lots of space that's not too flashy (or expensive). The revamped Mondeo is fuel efficient, sturdy and has plenty of room, and comes with smart technology that belies its affordability. This latest version is enhanced with PowerShift transmission, an overhead console and adjustable speed limiter.

Mostly Ds

Fiat 500x

A family man, you need to think about the little ones in your life and their needs as well as your own. With the new Fiat 500x, you don't need to compromise on style or wow factor, but you still have a safe car for your brood. It's an SUV, but a small and stylish one. Safe and slick, there's a bit of a wait for this one. If you're in the market right now, the Honda CR-V is roomy and sharp, and an equally good shout.

Mostly Es

Skoda Fabia

Perhaps a former boy racer in another life, these days you need a motor that's solid but still sexy enough to keep you interested. With its advanced connectivity, powerful engine and lots of small, clever touches like keyless entry, it's a down to earth car with a cool edge It doesn't exactly scream "look at me", but has an understated appeal you'll be proud to show off - and it's an enjoyable ride.

* Not scientific at all.

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