My side of the road

I know everything costs a lot these days and motorists especially have huge bills. But I am genuinely alarmed at the number of cars and trucks driving on these dark wintry nights with only one working headlight or tail light.

Indeed, I've had a good few emails pointing out that people are overlooking such basics as they struggle to keep the blinking car on the road at all.

They have my utmost sympathy, I can tell you. I've been there. But nothing comes before your safety or that of those you are meeting.

Please, no matter what it takes, make sure you can be seen and that you can see. And for those with two working headlights . . . would you please make sure they are properly focussed. There isn't much point in having them if they are illuminating the stars rather than the road in front of you.

These are dangerous nights on the roads and we need all the help we can get to stay safe. Take a minute – now – and just check all the lights are working – and working the way they should be.