Friday 19 January 2018

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Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

This is a truly delicate subject but even as I squirm I know I should raise it.

The conversation came up over lunch at a car event and passed quickly. I mention that in case you think it is coming indirectly from a lobby group or something. I assure you it isn't. This is me listening to chat at lunch and leaving with a niggling feeling as I listened to myself.

Do I want to be a donor?

If, God forbid, something happened to me in a car crash or whatever, can I stretch my mind now, here and healthy (I hope), to make that provision?

I can have it put on my driver's licence. Or I can carry something with me that gives people permission.

You see, I know people who are alive because others had the generosity to think beyond themselves and their time.

It is, to me, one of the great transcendent, human things to do.

Yet I am struggling with it. Really am struggling. I know it is a little like making a will. Having one won't shorten your life by one second, yet many of us shy away from it.

Maybe I don't want to confront the possibility of an accident or the inevitability of stopping for good at those great red lights in the sky.

I also know it could mean the world to some family, some wife, mother, daughter, son.

I've got a decision to make. Sooner rather than later. Maybe we all need to confront it in some way or other. I hope I haven't upset anyone. I certainly do not want to but I think it is something all, but especially motorists, should think about.

Any comments?

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