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my side of the road

This is exactly how it happened. I was driving down a street in a major midland town. I was driving slowly. A cyclist – no let's not call him that – a disgusting little brat on two wheels came off the main road at speed clutching a large, brown bag from a chipper. He thought I was going faster than I was because he deliberately – I could see him – cut on to my side of the road yards and yards before the stop line. By the time he passed, or should I say missed, I had stopped.

If I had been driving faster we would have had an accident. There was no doubt in my mind, nor in that of a motorist who was turning off the main road and saw it. That little brat was looking for trouble. He was, as my fellow car driver asserted, hoping to get himself knocked down and sue for compo.

If I hadn't the back-up of the other man I would not write this. It is true. It was blatant. Thank God I was driving slowly.

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