Wednesday 17 January 2018

My side of the road

I must thank profusely all those of you who have been in touch either by email or letter.

Much of the discussion has been about the proposal to have two 13-reg number plates.

I have to report I don't see a lot of support for it out there. Personally, I think it might work as people become used to it.

After all, a similar system has been working in Britain.

The other big, big bugbear with so many people out there is the level of potentially dangerous driving.

One reader put it well: "They think they own the road."

Instances of people cutting across other drivers, without as much as using an indicator, easily outnumbered everything else.

I find it extraordinary myself to see how many drivers in tight city traffic just don't bother. They pull out, switch lanes and, a lot of the time, don't even bother to see if there is anything coming.

As that reader put it, they do think they own the road.

Indo Motoring

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