Thursday 18 January 2018

My side of the road

It is commonplace for motorists to moan about other motorists and cyclists. I regularly vent anger at the former but am always reluctant to do so about the latter because I would leave myself open to the accusation of bias.

Nonetheless I feel this week I just have to convey to you my absolute shock at the antics of the few (I stress it is a minority).

First off, cycle paths do not bestow freedom-of-city status on two wheels. Of course motorists must show due care -- but it works both ways, folks.

Some of the dangerous antics I've come across in the past week put the fear of God in me. Such as:

• A cyclist -- and he was no spring chicken -- criss-crossing the road right in front of me.

• Sweeping up the middle of a one-way street -- against the flow of traffic.

• Shooting out of a side-street, almost under my bonnet.

• Going diagonally across the street without as much as a hand signal.

• Several riding up a busy street -- again against the flow of traffic -- and forcing several cars to brake sharply.

I could go on. I won't. The point I would make is that we all need to show others a bit more respect.

Indo Motoring

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