Sunday 22 April 2018

My side of the road

They don't half run the lights across from the Dáil.

Merciful God, I think they're all colour blind.

I was circling around looking for somewhere to park on the street the other day. My tour brought me around the block from Nassau Street up Kildare Street to in front of the Dáil, right on to Molesworth Street and back around again.

The youngest one was in Nassau Street -- opposite Trinity -- printing CVs like a politician getting out election literature and I was, of course, duty-bound to wait.

Five, six, seven times I motored around the block before eventually sliding into a slot (for nearly an hour -- she decided to get the eyebrows done while she was at it).

Five of the seven times the lights that allowed me to swing right on to Molesworth Street from Kildare Street (just in front of the Dáil) were green for five seconds and still the cars came out and across me through their red lights.

Drivers just took no notice. Absolutely no regard for safety -- and yes, I did beep the horn (and was rewarded twice with a digital display that would make King Kong proud).

I hasten to add that not one of those breaking the lights was a politician.

But I have never seen anything like it. I wonder why they do it? Is it more prevalent than I think?

Any thoughts?

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