Friday 15 December 2017

My side of the road

ll I've spent a good part of the past week hyperventilating about rude and slow drivers. Something snapped the other day. No, I didn't finally lose it and give some poor devil the benefit of my bad-tempered opinion. I had found it so frustrating to be held up at two miles a fortnight by someone trekking along like a motorised snail.

Then snap! I began to realise that many, if not most, of those I had blamed for delaying me were, shall we say, mature drivers who were being extremely careful, maybe even a little nervous. Some, I must presume, were visitors here driving rented cars. So I began thinking. It must appear an awfully hostile environment out there for someone who doesn't do a lot of driving but avails of the school-free summer to do a little, maybe pay a few visits.

I have noticed a lot of mature couples driving this summer. Yes, driving slowly, really slowly sometimes. But so what? They are entitled to.

And who are we to try to rush them? I changed my attitude and driving in an alarmingly quick time. I gave them as much space and time as they wanted.

And you know what? I was the one to benefit most. I just calmed down, took it easy and still made it to wherever I was going with plenty of time.

So many of us are in such a mad dash to make as much time as possible we lose sight of how our driving and hustling impact on other road users. Another lesson learned.

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