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Motorists want ban on smoking and driving

A NEW survey shows nearly three-in-five motorists want smoking while driving to be banned, writes Eddie Cunningham.

But nearly half of them think it would be impossible to enforce.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) study shows that people do have concerns over the effects of smoking while driving.

For example, three-in-four (75pc) motorists believe that lighting a cigarette while behind the wheel is a serious distraction.

And 52pc said they believe lighting a cigarette is the greatest potential danger of smoking while driving.

There was a miniscule percentage (2pc) who believe smoking while driving has no dangerous connotations.


Most thought it a bad idea, with 48pc saying it was irresponsible, 46pc viewing it to be as dangerous as using a mobile phone, and 43pc regarding it simply as dangerous.

IAM chief executive Simon Best says: "Smoking is clearly seen as a serious issue by motorists, and highlights the impact of distractions in the car.

"The health benefits may be clear, but more research needs to be done to determine whether there are actual road safety grounds to act on these concerns by banning smoking and driving altogether."

Irish Independent