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Motoring tips: How your driving style can help cut your vehicle’s emissions

Taking things a little easier and smoother can have a beneficial effect on fuel consumption


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Small and all as it may seem, each of us can play a part in lowering emissions on our everyday journeys.

Apart from buying a new or newer car with lower or zero CO2, we can improve the output of our current motor simply by driving in a more economical manner.

It sounds obvious, but taking things a little easier and smoother can have a beneficial cumulative effect on fuel consumption – and consequently, CO2 and NOx emissions.

Here are a few reminders/tips on how to get the most from your car while minimising its impact on the environment:

*Getting into a higher gear as quickly and safely as possible can be a major saver. Your car uses more fuel in the early lower-gear stages. 

*Anticipating slowing down rather than braking suddenly not only saves on brakepad wear and tear, it reduces fuel use.

*Driving even 10pc under the prevailing speed limit (especially on motorways) will reduce consumption in a big way.

The core message is: drive smoothly and smartly. 

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