Friday 23 March 2018

Motoring latest: Take your office on the road with Audi A8

THIS could be your luxurious office on wheels.

Audi has developed a long-wheelbase version of the A8, pictured below, that has next-generation broadband technology, which is faster than current 3G systems.

It has long-term evolution (LTE) technology which has speed and performance similar to a fixed-line broadband connection.

In other words, passengers are able to stream music, high-definition videos and other data on up to six computer or mobile phone devices.

Audi engineers have already tested LTE capabilities by streaming high-definition videos -- and usually these have massive data streams -- live to the A8.

Peugeot leads field for reliability

GOOD news for owners of the Peugeot 207 -- they are driving the most reliable car made by a European manufacturer.

That is the verdict of Warranty Direct, who analysed more than 20,000 live policies on cars between three and seven years old and compared claims for repairs.

They found a 6pc repair rate in an average year.

That is put in context when you realise the second-placed European-made car, the Fiat Panda, had a 14pc rate.

Two other Peugeots made it into the Top 10: the 206 CC (3rd) and 107 (9th).

The study, which was carried out to measure overall reliability and running costs, was based on rates of failure, average mileage, age and repair costs.

Renault goes back to look at the future

Renault is thinking about going back in time to take on the future. And the old Renault 5 looks like being the starting block to help counter the new arrival of Citroen's smart DS3.

It would be fitting if Renault did so, as the Renault 5 is widely regarded as the supermini that established the 3dr hatch layout.

And while it is some way off, no doubt proponents of the project would point to the success of Fiat with its 500, and BMW with the MINI, as evidence that there is a market for old names in new suits out there.

BMW has rival in crossover race

Audi is to take on BMW in the crossover stakes.

There are strong indications it will build a motor to rival the BMW X6.

It is likely to slit between the Q7 and Q5 and be called, appropriately enough, the Q6, using a short-wheelbase platform version of the Q7.

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