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Men think they are far better than other drivers

Men think they are better than most drivers -- but women don't. I think that is a fair outline of what we perceive to be the case.

Now it has been scientifically nailed in a prestigious new survey. It found that 62pc of young male novices behind the wheel think they are more skillful than the average driver.

The Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) report found, in contrast, that only 32pc of young women felt the same.

It is generally felt that young, novice drivers are the highest risk group on the roads. Statistics have indicated that male drivers between 17 and 29 are more likely to be killed or seriously injured than their female counterparts.

The report also found that young drivers are more likely to take post-test training if there are proper financial incentives.

These would include reduced insurance premiums, which would tempt three-quarters of young novice drivers.

IAM chief executive Simon Best had some interesting comments. He said: "Young male drivers suffer from a lethal combination of overconfidence and inexperience. They don't need curfews and other restrictions on their driving; they need to practice and gain driving experience safely."

Irish Independent