Tuesday 24 October 2017

Long range hybrid GTi

This is effectively a plug-in electric hybrid version of the GTi, and the prototype I tested went like hell.

It has a 1.4-litre 148bhp petrol engine and an electric motor that gives a system power of 204bhp. It has a zero to 100kmh time of 7.6 seconds and a 217kmh top speed.

But the economy is impressive. It will cover up to 50km on pure electric and another 900km – yes 900km – on petrol/electric (hybrid) power.

I don't know what it will cost, but if they can get it in around the €35,000 mark (it's due later on in the year) it would make GTi or GTD buyers really think because they both cost around that sort of money.

This is exceptional. A 'GTi' that can cover 950km on one tank.Surprisingly good-to-drive electric up! city car but the price has to be right.

Not even certain they are going to bring one in, but if they do it has to be around €17,000 or no one will buy it.

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