Wednesday 24 January 2018

Let's get a grip on reality – I can't afford a new car


I'm sick and tired of all this talk about 132-reg. It is only designed to get the motor business out of trouble. Why don't they just knock prices down and then people would be more tempted to buy?

I can't afford to even think about buying a new car and there are thousands like me.

So let's get a grip on reality here, Eddie. There will be no rush to buy new cars while we have such awful unemployment and the prospect of little else for a long time. Sorry to be so pessimistic but the situation needs a bit of reality brought into it.

Ella, Donegal


I won't be buying a new car this July but I might next year. I'd prefer to buy in the summer anyway. I think going around in January and February in miserable weather conditions would put me off. I'd much rather get around when the weather is milder and the evenings are longer.

And it would be something to look forward to. I just hope second-hand values will hold up for the cars with '2' plates. I'd like a nice little hatchback. Ah well! I can dream on for another year, I suppose.

Frank, Sligo


I am not that much interested in being considered in the manufacture of cars, as I think we are going to buy the one we like anyway. The heels are a problem, whatever happened to the driving shoes we had years ago with the straight back? They were okay.

What I would like to say is, I have been driving for over 50 years, and the thing that got my goat was when we went to buy my car, all the salesmen referred everything to my husband, and put the car in his name and left me standing there.

But in 1995, I decided on a Honda Civic, and went to John Adams, and he immediately got the message and I got MY car, My insurance and have been treated as a valuable customer ever since.

They are perfect gentlemen, John, Clive and Glen, and I am picking up my new Insight next month, which will be my third Honda.

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