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Let's applaud our mountain rescue heroes and their go-anywhere vehicles

In Focus: Discovery


Land Rover's Discovery SUV

Land Rover's Discovery SUV

Land Rover's Discovery SUV

It is easy to forget how vital a role people and their vehicles play in saving lives in remote and often hostile surroundings.

So let's take a moment this week to applaud them all.

And let's take Land Rover's Discovery SUV as an example vehicle as it chalks up 20 years of being used by the heroes of the South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association (SEMRA).

Using a Discovery - pictured above with Terry Brophy who is team leader with SEMRA - the association recently completed its 500th rescue.

The Land Rover has enough room in the back for a stretcher, medic and a full rescue kit while the SUV's all-terrain capability is vital in reaching casualties on the terrain.  

The SEMRA crew have attended 100 rescues in the course of the last three years.

Theirs is the only search-and-rescue service for those in difficulty on mountains in the south east of the country. Indeed it covers one of the largest areas of any mountain rescue team in Ireland or the United Kingdom.

The volunteer service typically operates around the clock, 365 days a year,  across the Galtee, Knockmealdown, Comeragh and Blackstairs mountains.

Now it is preparing for a resumption of activities following the coronavirus lockdown.

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