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Lane-hogs and tailgating top our pet hates

YOU are driving other drivers crazy if you are hogging lanes and tailgating, according to a new poll.

Motorists also moan about drivers who change lanes without indicating.

Other pet hates include erratic or unnecessary braking, overtaking on the wrong side (undertaking) and slowing down to look at an accident (rubbernecking).

Although only 3pc said they found undertaking annoying, as many as 33pc confessed to doing it themselves, while 25pc admitted changing lanes without indicating.

A total of 20pc of men and 12pc of women owned up to weaving in and out of slow-moving traffic, while 12pc of all drivers admitted tailgating and 14pc rubbernecking.

Drivers of 4x4s and lorries upset other drivers the most, while 24pc of women but only 7pc of men felt stressed driving on motorways, the Castrol survey found.

These were the most irritating driving habits on motorways:

1. Lane-hogging/middle-lane slow driving.

2. Tailgating.

3. Changing lanes without indicating.

4. Erratic or unnecessary braking.

5. Talking on a mobile phone without hands-free.

6. Cutting across lanes because of lack of preparation for junction.

7. Drivers not letting you join the motorway from slip road.

8. Rubbernecking.

9. Undertaking.

10. Vehicles weaving in and out of slow-moving traffic.

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