Tuesday 24 April 2018

It hasn't gone away you know -- the swappage scheme that is

Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

EVEN in deepest December, the seeds of a new campaign to get a swappage scheme are being nurtured.

Certainly by Ford Ireland chief Eddie Murphy.

You might remember it was the motor industry's pre-Budget case that it, the Government and the customer would all benefit if a €2,000 VRT refund were paid when someone traded in a car aged six years and upwards against a new model.

It didn't happen and there are those in the business who believe it may never -- and that it is futile to pursue it.

Mr Murphy is not one of them. "We were disappointed over swappage," he said.

But he insisted the issue would be pushed next year as "part of the industry lobby".

"We need to get back to the norm of 100,000-plus (new-car sales) a year."

To do that means giving people a chance, an opportunity and an incentive to trade in their ageing cars and buy a new one.

The market this year is now effectively over.

It looks like finishing around the mid-74,000s -- a long way from 100,000. That is the lowest level of registrations since 2003.

However, there has been a lift -- as reported here -- and orders since early November are up, compared with last year.

Several analysts, including Mr Murphy, now reckon sales will head "north of 80,000".

He says: "I think that figure can be delivered next year."

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