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Impressive offers from Opel

Opel has been at the forefront of the motor industry for 150 years and to celebrate the occasion an impressive range of incentives is being offered to new customers. Managing director Dave Sheeran is gearing up for a tough year, with important changes to the award-winning flagship Insignia, introducing a new Zafira Tourer and promoting a high-performance Astra GTC with petrol and diesel power plant options.

A four-year warranty on product is being offered and Opel Credit has put in place a zero per cent flexible-finance package, with deposits from 30-50 per cent and payback from 12-48 months. The deal covers passenger models until March 31.

Mr Sheeran pointed out that the 2.0 CDTi turbo-diesel ecoFLEX 130bhp and 160bhp option are now in Band A. The engines come with Start/Stop on most models and Opel claims up to 4.5L/100km (60mpg) in mixed driving, an impressive performance for a luxury model in the family/fleet segment.

Even the 4X4 160bhp option now comes into Band C. Prices for the ecoFlex models start at €27,880, while a newly introduced gutsy 1.4 litre turbo-petrol engine with 140bhp output comes into Band B with a price tag of €25,495. Extra equipment includes a satnav as standard on all but the entry S model.

The new Opel Zafira Tourer brings big improvements to the flexible seven-seat design and gets an upgraded chassis and a bigger wheelbase and track. A new extra-low fuel-consumption 2-litre ecoFLEX common-rail turbo-diesel engine with Start/Stop is on the way.

Seating improvements mean more comfort for the six passengers with the second row getting 'lounge' seats. The combination of new exterior good looks, low-emission engines and improved comfort should continue to keep the Zafira a bestseller. Order now for delivery in March. Prices start at €28,495.

The shining star in the current line-up is the GTC sports coupe, based on the Astra.

A model that will set the blood pumping in even the oldest boy racer, it is low and wide. The chassis is derived from the Insignia OPC but for all its sporty looks it is roomy enough to accommodate four adults and their luggage.

Opel marketing people say the family-sized cabin will be a big factor for Irish buyers when combined with the street-cred sports looks.

There are three petrol and three diesel engine options with a high output OPC model for hot-hatch enthusiasts later in the year. Prices start at €23,495 for the 1.4 litre 120bhp turbo (Band B) to €27,495 for the SRi 2.0CDTI 165bhp SS, which reaches 100km in under nine seconds and has a top speed of 210kmh. This is a model that behaves better the harder it is driven.

Martin Brennan

Sunday Independent